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Judy's gifts

Judy is my true friend from South Carolina. 
We met when we first became LOTH sisters in '99
and have been friends ever since. We mail, chat via IM and even
spoke on the phone... Our accents are as different as our parts of the world but we are one at heart...




Judy/Country Granny's 
Roses of
True Friendship:  






A Friendship Fairy.... 






A friendship gift that
speaks for itself...
Thanks, Judy!






 A precious gift for the one year anniversary of our friendship in the fall of the year 2000...

Thanks, Judy!



Time flies...... 2001 
Two years, already! Hoping for many, many more!




Valentine's day 2002

Isn't this just beautiful????

Look at the beautiful Valentine's Day Pages Judy made me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, Judy, it is the best Valentine Gift I ever had!!!

to see the pages:
click here..


Happy Easter to you, too, Judy!




Cyberfriends for 3 years!
Hoping for many, many more!









Thank you Judy, from the bottom 
of my heart!