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Holland and the Dutch...

Things we will talk about at this course are:  some  geography, history, a bit of culture, art (Rembrandt, van Gogh!), folklore, cooking, the people, and some elementary knowledge of bit Dutch  vocabulary, where necessary.

Here's some info to start off with...


Just to get you orientated: 
Holland is a small country in Europe. 
Its neighbors are: Germany on the Eastern border,  
England at the West (when you cross the North Sea), 
Belgium at the South and when you go North, across the sea: 
Denmark  (and Norway)...



Click on the map of Holland
 to see if you can find The Netherlands (Holland) 
on the map of Europe...

Mind you, our country is so small, that on the map there's only room for *NETH*....



duinzicht.jpg (15441 bytes)


Holland literally  means "Woodland",
as it used to be covered with woods after the last Ice Age.

Holland is officially called: The Netherlands, i.e. the Lowlands.
Our country lies below sea level, and is the delta
of three big European rivers,
our country always fought against the water.
We still do.


Have a look at some pictures:

MolensStompwijk.jpg (43979 bytes)            Vlietland.jpg (24416 bytes)        DeVliet.jpg (45642 bytes)
These are  of a typical Dutch 'polder' landscape, 
quite near where we live.
  (click to enlarge)


Two Dutch cities:
Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands

AsdOudeWester.jpg (48075 bytes)               AsdTallShipVOC.jpg (30741 bytes)           Amsterdam.jpg (34528 bytes)  


The Hague, where the government resides:

Vredespaleis.jpg (34899 bytes)


Holland has a lot to offer you!

You can hear and learn all  about it at our course:
Holland and the Dutch!

See you in class!



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