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If you want to hear my Dutch introduction: Click here

(please allow the wav.file to load fully before using it... The sound quality may be a bit 'foggy' but this is the best I can do right now...) 

I guess you understand that I'm saying: "Welcome at Holland and the Dutch."
In written language it is: "Welkom bij Holland and the Dutch".


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You will find these little sound (wav) files everywhere, to get a ring of how the Dutch  language sounds. 

Hope you will enjoy these lessons as much as I am making them...
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I will see how I can fit it in...

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OK, here we go:

In the introduction you have seen that Holland is also called the Netherlands. In our pre course assignment I have asked you to check out a few things. Just rehearsing here:

- Which countries are The Netherlands' neighbors?
- Which Sea is at our West Coast?
- What language is spoken in Holland?


Click here for the correct answers


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Are you ready for the course?


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Click here for  a Lesson  in Geography

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Click here for a lesson about The Dutch Monarchy - The Royal Wedding


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