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Homework December Week 1


Welcome to my SLP homework page.


This week's tutorial: 

Quick and Easy Plates with Cutouts
Created by: Doro Sensen


Class assignment:

Doro has shown us one great design idea for creating a plate. Your assignment is to design your own dinner service.

For different kinds of plates, try different edge widths (i.e. contract your circle selection a bit more or less in the beginning.

Try different cut-out settings to give the plate a bit more or less depth

Using what was learned from class, include the plate example from class plus 2 more designs.

For the first assignment plate I used Jascbrush no. 9, as it is freezing here today, and I felt like making an icicle type of decoration on the plate.



A bit of Christmas Spirit is still here, it's inevitable...

So my plates are decorated in that spirit.

For the second set of plates I used Star 3 from the Preset Shapes. I created it as a vector and played with the nodes until I had the shape I liked. Instead of deleting the black line, I selected it and expanded the selection with 1 pixel. Then I floodfilled it with white and applied a Blade Pro preset to give it a golden rim.
I have flood filled it with a light gradient.

For the decoration on the plates I used some tubes that I had.


*if you look really well, you can see that I used the ornaments I made last week for the border decorations on this plate :-)*

*  *  *

Then I felt these plates needed an extra touch.



I made the plate stand from the tutorial link I put below, as I felt these plates are too good to use as dishes *s*




Wish I had some of these on my cabinet!
Love this tutorial - it is so very inspiring!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for visiting this homework page!





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