Homework December Week 2


Welcome to my SLP homework page.


This week's tutorial: 

Photo-Negative Mouseovers

This tutorial created by Doro Sensen teaches a great way of displaying your photo index on a web page using negative mouseovers.

Created by: Doro Sensen


Class assignment:

Set any of the negative photos created in class to your web page using the 'Java Script' that is linked by the main tutorial.

Our kitty Pinkie in a peaceful Holiday mood

* move your mouse over the picture *



And Mommy Pluf is enjoying the late afternoon December sun on the window sill...

* move your mouse over the picture *


This was a wonderful and challenging tutorial!!!

Thanks, Lea, for the extra help on solving the 2 different java scripts on one page :-)))

Thank you for visiting this homework page!




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