Homework January Week 1


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This week's tutorial: 

Adding Color Accents to a Black and White Photo

Here is an easy way to add some striking color accents to a black and white photo, while retaining the original shading. This well written and fun to follow tutorial is created by Melisa, aka MMDM.

Class assignment:

Please post an example that shows the color replacement technique. It can be the one you used during class or a different one if you choose.

Please provide a short description of any neat effects you used with your image.


I just used a green colour for this one.





This image speaks for itself, I think. My two brothers and me on my grandfather's lap just before my bedtime.
I was looking for a 'real' black and white picture, I scanned it in its original colours and colorized my brothers pyjama. Sweet, sweet memories....




View from a cabin window to the colorized harbour of Rotterdam. Just used 3 colours. Lowered the opacity of the water to 25.



This was a very nice tutorial!




Thank you for visiting this homework page!




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