Sean about his pets:

First of all: Koby
Koby he is a pure bread golden retriever I got him for my birthday in 1999. He was free too ,the people who owned him before had him chained up.


I have 3 cats and 2 dogs ,the cats names are ... Gizmo,Sweety and Tickytickttambonosorambogumagumagochy but in short Ticky . And the dogs names are J.D and PoundPuppy.
To let you know more about Ticky: he is all grey except he has a little bit of white on his tummy.I once had a cat named Orion he was all black and he has green eyes now he lives with my brother Jamie.

Sean loves Koby very much. We write about him often and Koby barks a hello to you now!!
This is what he wrote about Koby:
I have been trying to train Koby not to chase the chicken and the cows with a choker chain. He is learning... 

In April 2001, we received sad news. Sean's dog JD has passed away...  Very sad. 

Sean got a new furry friend to love: A puppy.

"I bet you have been wondering what my puppies name is. It is Deuce. Because he has two black spots on his back and deuce is also short for two because he has two spots on his back."

Welcome, Deuce! You'll have a swell time with Sean and his pets! 



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