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To to Mom and Dad Heikkila
Parents Deserve Valentines, Too!
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Parents believe in you
and share your hopes and dreams.
They know that if you do your best,
you can be or do anything.
They will always stand beside you...

Parents support you
and always have time for you.
They are proud of you
and even notice your
smallest accomplishments.
They want to be with you;
they enjoy your company
and miss you when you're not around.

Parents teach you so many things,
through their actions
as well as their words.
They listen to you with their hearts.
They care about you
and share your joys and sorrows.
They are irreplaceable people
in your life.
They are people you respect, enjoy,
and most of all, love.
       - Barbara Cage

Happy Valentine's Day
to the Best Parents in the World!
I love you both! You're the greatest!

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"Parents Deserve Valentines, Too!"
by Barbara Cage

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