Sean's cats  =^. .^=


Sean has three
Gizmo,Sweety and
but in short Ticky



 April Sean wrote me that his cats 
Gizmo and Sweety were pregnant. 
And on Monday, May 8th 
I received this message:


"Guess what--------- ""

Gizmo and Sweety both had their kittens 
and all together there are 11 cats 
in our house.
 Have to go now, bye! Sean




On September 26 Sean wrote:

My mom is keeping a kitten 
she is naming her Smudge, 
she is 1 of Gizmos kittens, 
she has smudges of grey and white all over .




P.S.  Word has it, that Sweety is going to have kittens, soon. 
It must have been Gizmo whispering the news in Sean's ear,
as she likes to sit on his shoulder when he writes his emails
on the computer....
(April 2001)

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