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Homework October Week 1


Welcome to my SLP homework page.


This week's tutorial: 
Node Types
Created by: Doro Sensen



Class assignment:
Create your own selections, save them to your disk and then to use them to create anything that you want. Create at least two other objects/images made from your own selections.


For the hearts I used the Diamond line style
and used a texture for the inside colouring.




A background foreground gradient is used in the back and for the colour fill, including a texture.



Using what we've learned from
this lesson; Create 2 or 3 new images and include them on your website along with the original created in class


For the fish I used the dash dot line styles, used a pattern style for the fill
and a soft inner bevel. I used a preset shape for the eye.
For the little fishy smiles I used the draw tool with a freehand line.
For the background I used  the smearing gold pattern which I colorized in blue.
I turned the opacity of the layer down to 30, duplicated the layer and placed the fish layer between the two layers. Then I merged all layers.

I got so enthusiastic about node editing, that for this vector drawing/node editing image that I made, I used a tutorial I found on the internet.




Thank you for visiting this homework page!



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If by chance, you recognize pictures that are copyrighted by you, please email me and I will gladly give you credit for them...

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