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Homework October Week 3


Welcome to my SLP homework page.


This week's tutorial: 
Object Alignment, Distribution, and Grouping

Created by: Doro Sensen

This last in a fantastic Vector series created by Doro Sensen will explore what the Alignment, Distribution and Grouping features can do for us when constructing a vector image.




Class assignment:
Show 2 examples of how you would use or decorate your image.



I used a pink-pale blue gradient to fill the vector selections. Then I used the Alien Skin Eye candy Glass filter to give it this semi-precious stone look. Then I inserted the PSP UG image that I made separately as a new layer and brought that to the bottom ...




For this one I selected a section of the eye of the feather and copied that. Pasted as a new image and then made it seamless with 20/20. Copied and pasted that again as a new image in PSP and selected that as a foreground pattern. I selected the frame and flood filled it with the feather pattern. Again, a soft glass Eye candy filter applied... Then I saved it as a tube and made it fit around the image by resizing the image and moving the frame with the mover tool.
Last I added a border of 5 pixels, flood filled it again with the feathery pattern. An inner bevel completed the picture.




Enjoy experimenting with aligning, distributing and grouping to come up with your own personal touches.


For this Kids Celebration image I formed 2 groups, a top/bottom group and a left/right group. The champagne glass and party preset shapes are from the PSP 7 anniversary edition. I used the same settings as we used in the tutorial. I filled the champagne glasses with a soft yellow/white gradient and a light grey drop shadow.  I then added an Alienskin eye candy glass filter.

The balloons, candles,  party hats and streamers were filled with cyan magenta yellow gradient. After that I applied eye candy gradient glow in yellow white shades.

The background is flood filled with a soft pastel gradient, set with a floral texture.  The font I used is called JL Balloon caps. I placed the metallic bow tube as a final touch on a new layer and moved it into place. Then I merged all layers.

A lot of text for a small image, uh?



A tutorial with a lot of possibilities!

Thank you for visiting this homework page!



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