Let's introduce ourselves.

We started building Sean's site 
on October 10, 1999

Now it would be easy to make a page
for Sean by myself... 
But of course that can not be... 
Sean helps me make his pages!!


I'm Karin, Sean's 'Sugar Auntie'.
I used to be his Angel Mom, through AMOE
I live in The Netherlands.




Sean lives with his parents 
in Saskatchewan,

He's is 14 years old. 
You will get to know more and 
more about him as these pages grow.
This is what he tells about his family:

I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. 
Their names are
 from oldest to youngest: 
Michael ,
and then its me.

He is at school and well...
 what shall we say about school?
He is very busy with school at school. 
He is in grade 9 now and 
this is what he writes about
 one of his classes... 

I made cookies last night. 
The kids in home cooking class 
were driving me 
crazy with those cookies so I got 
the recipe and made them. I made a huge 
one for myself with the leftover dough


See? School's not so bad after all...:^)


Sean loves playing football:

He joined the football team at school 
and he is playing defensive lineman.




And he plays Volleyball. 

Click the ball to see his Volleyball Page

He also practices other sports and
Curling, karate, bowling..
You name it, he does it!

Sean's  birthday is on the 
9th of September. 
This is what he wrote about it, last year:

My birthday was really fun 
I had two friends over for a sleep over 
We went out with our homemade 
weapons and were using our 
imaginations with hay bails 
and we went to hunt coyotes 
We thought we found 1 
but it was my cat .

He celebrated his 14th birthday on 
September 9, 2000. 
You may want to check out his 
birthday page...


Sean likes video games 

and likes to watch TV.
He just received his Learners License in
October 2000! Great news! Go for it, Sean!


He has his own e-mail account
 so we can send e-mails. 
About all sorts of things.. 

Want to know more?
Check out any of these pages...

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